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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ricki Lee Jones

Whatever happened to her?

She was the perfect female vocalist. A fair combination of Joni Mitchell (only hipper), Nina Simone (only more eclectic), and Lhasa (only...well, Lhasa is pretty close to perfect). She hasn't released an album since 2002 and hasn't toured in like the last decade. I hope her manager doesn't let her re-release "Gravity" one more time or she might lose me as a fan.

I consider Pop Pop to be her most brilliant album. For anyone out there who has written Ricki Lee Jones' music off for one reason or another, give it another try - buy this album. I guarantee you'll find something on it that gets right under your skin.

However, I did find this interesting link on her website that gives me hope she has moved on and is doing some really interesting things with her life, or at least supporting and promoting people who are.


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